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Liquid Screed, Solving Your Problem Flooring

Liquid Screed, Solving Your Problem Flooring

WE have written numerous blogs about liquid screed floors using countless examples of their undoubted benefits. This time we are flipping things around and focussing on the costly problems customers encounter if they ignore this innovative product by choosing more traditional flooring methods.

You can see from our website that we know what we are talking about at Screed Easy. More than three decades in the business and a glowing portfolio of successful projects make us experts on the subject in anyone’s book. We have all tripped over a protruding tile in our lives, possibly watching in horror as the tray of drinks crashes to the ground. It’s equally possible you will, at some point, have glanced down at the floor and noticed a visible crack that spoils the entire look of a room.

Repairing or replacing the offending tile or tiles can be a costly and timely business. You will probably have to take up most if not all of the floor otherwise the problem is likely to keep coming back somewhere down the line.

Expert Liquid Screed Company

So why is a liquid screed floor company like Screed Easy drawing attention to this, you may ask? The primary reason is to highlight exactly why floors laid in the traditional way will more than likely result in problems as we have described. Tiles laid on top of an uneven surface are always going to be susceptible to damage, no matter how good the quality. The constant wear and tear of heavy foot traffic is simply too much for the tiles to bear and eventually they begin to crack and break up.

Understanding why this occurs is pretty straightforward. The base – often cement – upon which the tiles were initially laid was not perfectly flat and even. It is a common problem when traditional practices are followed. Eradicating bumps and dips – however small – when adopting this old-fashioned and labor-intensive approach is nigh on impossible. The ratio of cement mixes can differ with each load and, when poured, even the steadiest hand cannot achieve the level of perfection required. The result, as we have touched on, is a flawed surface and, more than likely, damage down the line.

Liquid Screed Poured On-Site

This is where self-levelling liquid screed floor can solve those problems and provide you with complete confidence in the surface you are walking on. Then, once our team of experts have poured your liquid floor on-site, it is down to you to add the finishing touches whether it is ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, or a range of other stylish options to brighten any room.

However, if it sounds like liquid screed floors are designed for domestic projects it couldn’t be further from the truth. They are equally suitable for use in commercial and industrial developments due to the ease of installment and their long-lasting nature.

Liquid screed floors are quick-drying and hard-wearing and, due to the compounds used, ideal for buildings where high levels of hygiene are a priority such as hospitals or buildings of multiple occupancies like student accommodation. So assuming you are sold on installing a liquid screed floor, what comes next? How about you consider underfloor heating? The two are made for each other and there is no need to seek separate contractors because Screed Easy can take care of this too!

Underfloor heating is a cost-effective and modern heating system that ensures no heat is wasted due to the elimination of cold spots – that age-old problem anyone with a room with traditional radiators will recognise.

In this case, heat steadily rises from the floor upwards and is evenly distributed around a living area. It was once the luxury of high-end properties but is now commonplace due to its multiple benefits and economic factors.

There are two options of underfloor heating; one using warm-water pipes hooked up to your boiler and the other a matting system connected to your electricity supply. Both go perfectly well with a liquid screed flood. So pick up the phone or drop us an email and our friendly staff at Screed Easy will talk you through the process and help decide what’s best for you. And remember, no project is too big or small as you will discover by browsing through our website. To find out more about our full range of services call 0118 467 9935 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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