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A Happy New Year From Screed Easy

A Happy New Year From Screed Easy

FIRSTLY, we would like to wish our customers a Happy New Year from all the staff at Screed Easy – your premier screeding company based in Reading. It’s time to put those decorations away and look forward to what lies ahead in 2022. For many of you that will mean a new building project or some long-overdue home renovations.

As they say there is no better time to act than present….and that’s where our highly-trained staff can help in a variety of ways. We are a vastly-experienced screeding company in Reading and offer a wide range of liquid and latex floor screeds to suit any development of any size both on a domestic and commercial scale. Our website contains numerous examples of successful projects we have worked on and completed, not just in Reading but across the South of England.

The Perfect Finish For Your Flooring Project

However, we are much more than a screeding company from Reading. The services we offer also include comprehensive underfloor heating solutions that go hand-in-hand with our screeding supply. In fact, it could be said the two are made for each other! If it’s a perfect finish for your flooring project you are seeking then look no further than our liquid or latex screed. This superior product is self-levelling, quick-drying and leaves you with a durable and flexible surface on which to lay any type of wooden or tiled floor.

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t. Our specialist staff at Screed Easy will supply and pour your liquid or latex screed on-site and it has numerous advantages over traditional sand and cement products. It is not difficult to see why this method of screed flooring has become standard within the building industry. This efficient process is equally suitable to single-room developments and much larger industrial projects and you will always be left with a perfectly level and smooth surface. Another major advantage of opting for liquid or latex screed is the materials used in the project make it ultra-hygienic and well suited to developments where safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance such as hospitals and medical centres or buildings of high occupancy like hotels and student accommodation blocks.

As we have already mentioned, Screed Easy is much more than a screeding company from Reading. When customers select our screed floors, they will often choose our underfloor heating systems to go with it. With fuel costs steadily rising, underfloor heating provides the most economic method to add warmth to a room or building. It allows you to cover a larger surface area so rooms can be heated efficiently on a low setting. Whereas more traditional heating methods such as radiators produce hot and cold spots, underfloor heating gives an even distribution of warmth from the ground up. As a result, no heat is wasted, thus saving customers money.

We have Our Installation Process Down To A Fine Art

Screed Easy’s professional staff have the installation process down to a fine art. Warm-water pipes are laid down, attached to a manifold and pressure tested before liquid screed is poured on top. This helps to reduce any cracks that may appear and can be used with workable depths of as little as 50mm. It also leaves you with a perfectly-even, hard-wearing surface on which to lay the flooring of your choice including stone, tiles, wood, carpet and many more options.

Another solution we offer is electric underfloor heating where a layer of matting is placed on top of an existing floor. A network of cables are connected to an electricity supply which again provides an even distribution of heat and zero wastage. This method is ideally suited to rooms that are not uniform in shape or come with tricky corners such as kitchens and bathrooms.

So, as you can see, Screed Easy provide a comprehensive screed flooring and underfloor heating service. Our staff are experts in the trade and possess knowledge and experience along with superb customer service from the first point of contact right through to project completion. Our impressive portfolio includes home conversions, bespoke dwellings and retail developments resulting in a trail of satisfied customers all over the South of England. If you have a query, then please give us a call or drop us an email and our friendly staff will respond with free advice. To find out more contact us on 0118 467 9957 or visit our homepage for a free quote.

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