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Why Liquid Floor Screeding Is An Ideal Choice

Why Liquid Floor Screeding Is An Ideal Choice

There are a multitude of reasons why liquid floor screeding is an ideal choice for many in the building industry. Whether you are undertaking domestic renovations or new builds or working on much larger commercial or industrial projects, Screed Easy offers a variety of options to suit every need.

We are a well-established business based in Reading and market leaders in the art of liquid floor screeding, serving customers in the region and neighbouring counties for many, many years. We offer a complete service from planning through to implementation and, when accompanied by our ultra-effective underfloor heating systems, you have the complete package to match every project however big or small.

So why could liquid screed flooring be the right choice for you?

Using liquid screed offers a number of benefits over traditional sand and cement methods – in particular, it saves precious time, requires less labour and is more adaptable as it can be poured at much lower depths.

In addition, the durable floor finish you are left with is much finer, making it perfect for new buildings and renovation work such as re-levelling floors. The hard-wearing nature of liquid screed flooring means you will be left with a perfectly-smooth and flawless surface that will last for decades, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Liquid screed can be used underneath a whole host of flooring options including ceramic tiles, vinyl, linoleums, and all kinds of wooden and carpet floors. 

If your building project requires a high level of hygiene and safety then latex screed could be a preferred solution. The lack of protein in the latex compound makes it ideal for hospitals, medical centres or buildings of multiple occupancies such as student accommodation and hotels.

Screed Easy’s team of experts supply and pour liquid screed or a self-levelling compound on site and with minimal fuss. This allows the mixture to completely envelop warm water or electric pipes if you have also chosen one of our many underfloor heating options. This process can be carried out from depths as little as 3mm and, as a result, air pockets are eliminated so there is no ‘wasted warmth.’ Instead, you have constant heat rising from beneath your feet which, in turn, proves more cost-effective than traditional wall-mounted radiators for example.

Not only that, but it saves on space and makes a room appear bigger because the pipes are buried beneath the surface when you opt for liquid floor screeding which, in turn, is also highly versatile. You will be left with a tough and stylish floor ready to finish and energy-efficient heat all at once.

Customers often enquire about the timescale to install liquid screed flooring, often under the misconception, it is a long and drawn-out process. This is most certainly not the case.

Once the pouring stage is complete, our screed floors are typically dry enough to walk on within 24-48 hours, leaving you plenty of time to move on to the next stage of your development work or renovations.

Fast Drying Liquid Floor Screeding

Fast-drying liquid floor screeding is used in a growing number of domestic dwellings for another very good reason – it levels out uneven floor surfaces and results in a perfectly-flat finish upon which to work. This makes it more suitable for laying floor finishes on top, particularly when the base structure is a modern, precast concrete beam and block floor. An established liquid floor screeding business like ours proudly boasts decades of experience in the field. Our team of experts at Screed East are readily available to offer advice and find solutions to any problems our customers present on any size of building project.

We always carry out work to the very highest standard and customer satisfaction is a key factor in everything we do. We possess an impressive portfolio and we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to provide them with the best service available.

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