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Screed Easy’s Comprehensive Underfloor Heating Systems

Screed Easy’s Comprehensive Underfloor Heating Systems

AS summer gives way to autumn, the days slowly drawing in, it’s time to switch on the heating and add some much-needed warmth to a room. There is no better way to achieve this than with Screed Easy’s comprehensive underfloor heating systems.

No matter how big or small the room, we have an underfloor heating option to suit your every need. It is the most economical way to heat a building of any size and you won’t even know it’s there until you feel that constant warmth rising from beneath your feet to fill every corner of every room.

What’s more, wasted heat will become a thing of the past with underfloor heating – meaning lower fuel bills and happier customers. So which method of underfloor heating suits you best? Our team of experts at Screed Easy will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you make the right choice.

A popular and commonly-used option is where warm-water pipes are laid into your flooring before liquid or latex screed is poured around them in order to eliminate air pockets and increase productivity. These pipes are hooked up to a boiler resulting in a highly cost-effective heating system and an even distribution of warmth throughout a room. There is no need to worry about the screed part of the process either – our team at Screed Easy will also sort that out for you and leave you with a perfect, self-levelling floor and, due to its quick drying nature, lower labour costs overall.

Economical Warmth And A Blank Canvas On Which To Lay Your Stylish Stone

There is no compromise on looks either as the combination of screed and underfloor heating provides not only economical warmth but a blank canvas on which to lay your stylish stone, tiled or wooden floor surface fit for regular, daily use.

Underfloor heating is also far more versatile than you may think. With modern screed requiring a workable depth of as little as 30mm, underfloor heating has never been easier to install in your home, office or commercial building. It can even be used with carpeted rooms if the underlay isn’t too thick. In some cases clients may not be keen to play around with floor levels for a variety of reasons. Screed Easy understand that which is why we also offer a range of electric underfloor heating options.

In this case, a layer of matting is laid on top of existing flooring and connected to the building’s electricity supply via a series of cables. Again, the result is continuous warmth from the ground up and warming comfort throughout your home. It is particularly suited to rooms with tricky corners such as bathrooms or kitchens but can be used on a much larger scale, according to the needs of our clients.

With the seasons quicky changing and cold weather on the horizon, you may be thinking of upgrading your heating system whether at the home, office or commercial premises. Our underfloor heating systems give you a variety of options to match any budget and can be installed in very little time.

The days of hot and cold spots become a thing of the past with underfloor heating. You will be left with an even flow of rising warmth with the added bonus of more space due to a lack of traditional and bulky wall-mounted radiators which can often dictate the lay-out of a room.

Design Through To Completion

Screed Easy will take care of every step of the process from design through to completion and provide you with a tailored approach to any underfloor heating problem. If saving energy is central to your project our wet, warm-water underfloor heating systems in particular are regarded as more efficient than any wall-mounted radiator due to their constant and even heat output even at a low setting.

So just pick up the phone or send us an email and our staff at Screed Easy are readily available to talk and advise. First-class customer service is what drives us and we operate across most of southern England. Our stunning portfolio includes completed works on home conversions, retail developments, bespoke dwellings and more. We are the ultimate screed and underfloor heating specialists and to find out more contact us on 0118 467 9957 or visit our homepage for a free quote.

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