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Latex Self-Levelling Compound And Floor Screed Oxford


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Latex Self-Levelling Compound Oxford

If your Oxford project needs great flooring, look no further! Our floor screed for Oxford clients uses a latex self-levelling compound that’s fast to dry and of excellent quality. This modern type of screed has its drying time measured in hours and days instead of weeks, making it an ideal choice for any project that’s strict on time!

Even better, it’s adjustable in thickness and reasonable in cost. If you need a thinner floor laid fast for a retail area, you’re in luck. If you require a thicker, more durable flooring that can take high-tonnage machinery and vehicles, we can do that too. Our professionals are skilled in the application of this floor screed in Oxford, using our latex self-levelling compound to provide a finished result that’s hard to beat.

Great quality guaranteed

We’ve built a reputation over the years for sincerity, honesty and affordability. From underfloor heating systems in Oxford to our latex self-levelling compound and floor screed, Screed Easy is known for doing a great job every time with minimal disruption to your property or construction site.

Based in Reading, our professional teams are here to help your project move along in record time. We’re known for our quality and reasonable prices, so why not get in touch and talk to us directly about what you’ve got going on that we could help with?

We’re right here and eager to help. Simply give us a ring on 0118 467 9251 or drop us a line via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you!

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