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What do Screeding Companies Say about Screed Drying Times?

What do Screeding Companies Say about Screed Drying Times?

“How does it take for screed to dry?” - is a question many ask from a screeding company. And the answer always varies depending on the type of screed you have applied. However, there are also other factors to take into account.

These factors amount to different types of screed times. One would be how long it would take for you to be able to walk on the floor, and the second would be where the screed is installed.

Drying Times for the liquid screed

Screeding companies list the drying times on the screed package based on the room temperature and humidity. Conventionally, they consider 20-degree Celsius temperature and 60% humidity when listing the drying times.

However, as a general rule of thumb, know that it can take somewhere between 24 to 48 hours for the screed to dry properly.

The initial 1 to 2 days are crucial as your effort should be on limiting any exposure. That means no open doors or windows and no walking. You must leave the screed alone for 1 to two days to turn solid.

That said, some experts do say that you can start walking on it after a day has passed. While true, the “walking” traffic intensity here must also be considered. If only one person is passing over the floor one or two times during that day, that’s well and good. But to get the screed into full walkable condition, you must wait at least three days.

Can you Fasten the Drying Times? Yes, But You Should Not

Many think that leaving the floor for 1 to 2 days is too much since it hundred their daily lives. However, that’s not something they can compromise with. But lack of patience drives people into using rudimentary methods like opening the windows and doors to dry out the floor screed.

Rapid loss of moisture will lead to rapid loss of integrity. The screed needs time to adjust for its particles to affix with each other to provide you with the waterproofing solutions you used them for. If you try to hurry things just because you believe that you are late, it is not right.

So, preventing exposure to sunlight is important for the first 24 to 48 hours. It is because it is the curing period for the screed to settle in. However, once a day has passed, you can open your windows.

What to do after the 48-hour drying-out period is over?

Don’t think your floor is out of the woods yet after you have left the screed untouched for two days. Avoid water from ingressing in the region, and if you have accidentally spilled some liquid, act fast and remove it.

Additional moisture can compromise the integrity of your screed, and the only way out is to act quickly and dry out the area. Humidity and temperature will be the other two factors that you will need to watch out for. If the humidity is high, the drying time may take longer.

How Long to Wait Before Tiling?

You need to ensure the screed has dried to the right level before tiling. If the covering is moisture sensitive, you must wait for the relative humidity to drop below 75%before applying any impermeable floor finishes.

How to Reduce Liquid Screed Drying Times?

While most recommend not forcing the liquid screed to dry out before the right time, there is a controlled drying technique - an underfloor heating system - that will allow you to force dry your screed without losing any integrity.

Install an underfloor heating system and use it after seven days have passed after applying the floor screed.

Commissioning underfloor heating starts by maintaining the water temperature at 25 degrees Celsius for three days and then raising the temp to 55 degrees for four days. It must be done for four weeks before starting the tiling or carpeting procedure.

How to force dry a conventional Screed?

It is also possible to force-dry a conventional screed using a dehumidifier. Turn on the dehumidifier in the screeding area until you achieve the moisture content of 0.5% or 1% - depending on your requirements.

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