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Looking For The Perfect Floor Finish Combined With Warmth?

Looking For The Perfect Floor Finish Combined With Warmth?

ARE you are searching for that perfect floor finish combined with constant warmth beneath your toes in the form of underfloor heating? You need to consider Screed Easy’s self-levelling liquid screed as part of your development plans.

By using our self-levelling liquid screed your project, however big or small, will benefit from an ultra-smooth surface that is durable, long-lasting and totally versatile. Our team of experts at Screed Easy will take care of every step of the process from the initial pouring to the final finish leaving you with the smoothest of surfaces and a blank canvas on which to apply a floor covering of your choice. When you have a flawless base of self-levelling liquid screed to work from your options are endless. Vinyl, ceramic tiles, linoleums and even wooden floors all go perfectly well with it, meaning zero compromise on looks as well as complete, hard-wearing practicality.

So why opt for self-levelling liquid screed? As a liquid substance, the end product is both level and smooth regardless of how uneven the base on which it is poured. Its ultra-versatile nature means it is equally suitable for industrial projects and public buildings on a grand scale to smaller, domestic home renovations.

Quicker To Install Than Traditional Sand & Cement

Liquid screed is far quicker to install than traditional sand and cement products. Once poured onto a surface it is quick drying and less labour intensive which is why it has become standard practice in the building industry. In addition to this, the materials we use make screed flooring ideal for use in buildings where hygiene and safety are top of the priority list such as hospitals or buildings of high occupancy such as student accommodation blocks.

It has also become more and more common for customers to combine a self-levelling liquid screed floor with underfloor heating for a multitude of reasons including unrivalled and energy-efficient heat distribution.

Screed Easy can pour both liquid and latex screed around warm water or electric pipes from incredibly shallow depths of as little as 3mm. This clever and slick process means air pockets are eliminated and no energy is wasted unlike wall-mounted radiators for example where heat is lost to the atmosphere resulting in higher fuel bills. However, with self-levelling liquid screed floors and underfloor heating you have constant warmth beneath your feet and continuous heat throughout a room or building regardless of size. Cold spots suddenly become a problem of the past and that, in turn, means cheaper energy and far less waste. The attractions do not end there either as customers will also benefit from the added bonus of having more space in a room or building than they would will wall-mounted radiators for example.

The real beauty of installing self-levelling liquid screed is that is suitable for almost all floor surfaces, however uneven or bumpy they may be. The fluid nature of the product means it fills all voids and envelops underfloor heating pipes to provide maximum conductivity and productivity underneath a perfectly level floor surface.

So before you get stuck into your next building project you would undoubtedly benefit from contacting Screed East first. We are based in Reading, Berkshire and have been pouring liquid screed floors and fitting underfloor heating all over the South of England for many, many years.

We boast a stunning portfolio for you to look and have been keeping customers happy with our stylish flooring, flawless finishes and underfloor heating solutions. Our trustworthy staff are expertly trained and, as a business, we are leaders in the industry.

One-Stop-Shop For Self Levelling Liquid Screed

Screed Easy is a one-stop-shop when it comes to self-levelling liquid screed and underfloor heating. As a result, customers do not need to go searching for different contractors or trades – we do it all for you quickly and efficiently from the initial planning stage right through to completion. To talk to one of our experts about how self-levelling floor screed and underfloor heating can benefit you, please call us today on 0333 258 3592 or fill in the form on our home page.

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