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Screed Easy, Underfloor Heating Specialists

Screed Easy, Underfloor Heating Specialists

Screed Easy are not only experts in liquid and latex screed flooring but we are also underfloor heating specialists – providing you with a complete package to suit any project of any size.

Nothing can beat the welcome of a heated, cosy room on a frosty day. But there are no roaring fires or radiators here……all the warming magic happens beneath your feet! The popularity of underfloor heating has been on the rise for many years and for a multitude of good reasons, with Screed Easy leaders in the field.

Industry Standard In Both Commercial & Domestic Properties

Once considered a luxury, underfloor heating is fast becoming the industry standard in both commercial and domestic properties, whether you’re moving into a new build or taking on some renovation work. Underfloor heating is more efficient and more economic than traditional methods used to heat a building or room such as wall-mounted radiators – so not only do you benefit from excellent heat distribution, any room will also feel more spacious and less cluttered.

There are several options of underfloor heating available and our specialists at Screed Easy will help you make the perfect choice based on your heating equipment.

You may opt for the traditional and popular buried, warm-water heating where pipes are laid into your floor allowing screed to set around them. The pipes are connected to a boiler and this method is considered the most energy-efficient and economic as it eliminates air pockets and ‘wasted warmth’ and delivers even heat distribution throughout a room. Our self-levelling floor screed is also quick to pour and install resulting in lower labour costs.

Our expertly-trained staff at Screed Easy will take care of every aspect of this work from pouring screed around warm-water pipes to ensure your floor levels are perfectly flat. This approach to underfloor heating makes it an ideal partner for stone, tiled, or wooden floors, leaving you with warmth beneath your feet and a stylish look throughout. With modern screed requiring a workable depth of as little as 30mm, underfloor heating has never been easier to install in your home or office and it can also be used with carpeted rooms if the underlay isn’t too thick.

Simple & Easy To Install

With surface-mounted heating, insulated panels containing thin pipes are placed over your existing floor making them simple to install. This process will alter the level of your floor – but our underfloor heating experts at Screed Easy can also take care of this. If you’re reluctant to tinker with floor levels then electric underfloor heating could be the best solution. Specialised matting is laid down and connected to the building’s electricity supply via a series of cables providing warmth from the ground up. This is a highly flexible option that allows you to access and heat those difficult-to-reach corners, particularly in a bathroom or kitchen. This is often considered a cheaper option than warm-water underfloor heating, though it could be more expensive to operate in the long run.

So whatever option you chose, you can be assured that our underfloor heating specialists at Screed Easy are here to take care of your every need. With underfloor heating, you can kiss goodbye to those annoying hot and cold spots and look forward to energy-efficient heat flowing through each room.

We will take care of every step of the process from design through to completion and provide you with a tailored approach to any underfloor heating problem. If saving energy is central to your project our wet, warm-water underfloor heating systems, in particular, are regarded as more efficient than any wall-mounted radiator due to their constant and even heat output even at a low setting.

Wealth Of Experience In Underfloor Heating

Our staff at Screed Easy are readily available to talk you through the process and pass on our wealth of experience in this field. We pride ourselves on customer care regardless no matter how big or small the job and we operate across most of southern England. Our stunning portfolio includes completed works on home conversions, retail developments, bespoke dwellings and more. We are the ultimate screed and underfloor heating specialists and to find out more contact us on 0118 467 9957 or visit our homepage for a free quote.

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