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Latex, Versatile, Cost-Effective & Popular Flooring Solutions

Latex, Versatile, Cost-Effective & Popular Flooring Solutions

Latex screed is one of the most versatile, cost-effective and popular flooring solutions on the market. So why are more and more people turning to latex screed and what are its advantages?

The presence of latex resin in the screed adds a high level of flexibility and the options for its use are almost endless. Latex screed is self-levelling and, when properly applied by our team of experts at Screed Easy, you get a perfectly smooth finish to your floor every time. Latex screed can be used on any building project of any size from large-scale commercial and industrial developments to much smaller home renovations – the results are always the same.

So if a surface is uneven or you are looking to repair or restore an existing floor, an application of latex screed will correct any problems and imperfections and leave you with a smooth and perfectly-even finish ready for the next stage. It provides a smooth, level base for almost any floor covering including carpet, vinyl, ceramic floor tiles and even wooden floors when prepared correctly by our fully-trained staff. Its versatile nature also means latex screed can be used alongside our bespoke underfloor heating solutions to give a slick and professional finish to any property or building.

Fast drying and ready to use flooring solution

As latex screed is a protein-free product, it also makes it ideally suited for projects that demand a high level of hygiene such as hospitals, buildings of multiple occupancy or those involved in the process of food manufacturing. Questions are often asked about the depth required for the application of latex screed where height is a crucial factor. The answer is often something of a surprise as the minimum depth can be as little as 2-3mm, while maximum depths are generally around 10-15mm but can increase to 30mm when combined with aggregates such as dry sand.

Among the many other advantages of choosing latex screed flooring is the speed at which it can be applied. Latex screed is a fast-drying product and can be ready for use hours after pouring, meaning projects can be completed quickly, saving customers valuable time and labour costs. While latex screed can be beneficial for large commercial projects, it is an extremely popular choice for most renovation projects, particularly on a domestic scale.

The compound used in the process is a mixture of powder and liquid latex and can be easily poured onto a flat surface to give a professional finish at an extremely reasonable price. Time is also of the essence and our latex screed can be dry and finished in as little as six hours, depending on the depth required. When this part of the project is complete you will be left with a smooth and even surface on which to continue your flooring project.

Laying a new floor directly onto concrete is always a risky business. Any imperfections in the base will ultimately show up in the floor itself. Latex screed floors eliminate this risk, leaving you with a perfectly flat and even surface and a professional finish. In addition to this, a latex or liquid screed floor installed by our team of experts at Screed Easy offers a stylish yet robust solution providing peace of mind for years to come. When combined with our modern, underfloor heating systems at Screed Easy, you also have the complete flooring service. Our underfloor heating systems are highly efficient and are such a great energy-saving device they are becoming the industry standard. We work with both electric matting and underfloor pipes resulting in an even distribution of heat throughout the building or room.

Latex screed flooring for your next project & renovation

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