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The top benefits of latex screed

The top benefits of latex screed

Latex screed is a sensible choice for many renovation projects. The compound usually involves a mixture of both liquid latex and a form of powder, resulting in a mixed product that can be easily poured onto a flat surface for a professional finish.

Although expert support is always recommended, latex screed is a great option for a DIY project. With care and attention, you can achieve a smooth, professional result at a very reasonable expense.

Key benefits of latex screed

  • Variable depth: You can choose to lay anywhere from as shallow as approximately 3mm up to a more substantial depth of approximately 40mm
  • Quick to dry: Latex screed compounds dry in hours. This will vary depending on depth, but will generally be finished within approximately six hours
  • Cost-effective: The key attraction of latex screed is the price – it’s a very competitive option in terms of cost compared to other flooring options and services
  • Fits in with projects: With a rapid drying compound, latex screed works well with subsequent flooring options such as underfloor heating and various types of final layer flooring

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