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Liquid screed: Key benefits and facts

Liquid screed: Key benefits and facts

In the middle of a planning phase for your property? You’re likely reviewing the best flooring style and process for your needs. Liquid screed is a popular choice for a few key reasons that we’ll cover on this blog today.

Benefits versus cement and sand

While many successful projects make good use of cement for their flooring, liquid screed has a host of great benefits that make it attractive for projects both large and small.

  • Low shrinkage: Cement can be a pain – ask any builder. It’s subject to shrinkage and cracks can form in the final product. Liquid screed is the polar opposite, with no cracks and warping being the result of a smooth application of the compound
  • Any depth: Some projects need a deep application, some don’t. Liquid screed’s ability to work at minimal depths – as well as high depth – takes away a headache common to renovation projects
  • Fast application: Cement takes time. Time to prepare, time to lay and time to dry. Liquid screed is fast to put down and fast to dry in comparison – you can do a full job inside a single day with minimal manpower

Cost and quality

Beyond beating cement outright, liquid screed comes in with another simple draw: It’s cheaper. Although we recommend professional support, it’s possible to do a great DIY job with liquid screed. That saves a lot of money to use elsewhere in the renovation.

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