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The difference between liquid and latex screed

The difference between liquid and latex screed

Liquid screed is a compound that can be adjusted to suit your building project requirements. It’s fast, flexible and can be easily applied to any flooring in appropriate depth with due care and expertise.

Latex screed makes use of latex resin. This results in a self-levelling compound – the pour sets itself in a smooth, even finish – that ensures a great result if properly applied. Latex screed is also a great choice for patching up a bad job; the compound can be applied to an uneven surface and will self-level to provide an even finish suitable for further work.

Advantages of liquid screed

  • Versatile: Liquid screed is a great choice for just about any building or renovation project. Private properties, public spaces and industrial areas are all possible
  • Less labour: Compared to other flooring options, liquid screed is easily applied by a small team
  • Fast: Liquid screed can dry in as little as five hours, depending on depth

Advantages of latex screed

  • Self-levelling: The latex screed compound includes resin, helping to achieve a consistent and level flooring finish on any surface
  • Any size: Unlike some flooring styles, latex screed can be applied to a small or large area with minimal fuss
  • Hygiene and safety: The absence of protein in latex screed compounds means the finished product is excellent for locations that demand high safety and hygiene requirements, such as hospitals

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